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Can you believe it’s already February?  I had great plans for January but sadly, it just didn’t happen. Although I didn’t make any resolutions, I thought at the very least, I would send out a few thank you notes.  Thankfully,   I recently heard that January is the new February so I’m going with it.  How about you?  Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day or are you one of the people who somehow forgets that Valentine’s Day is always on February 14th ?  Who is your valentine? Do you only have one valentine? What should you give your valentine?My answer is that Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show appreciation to the people you’ve been meaning to thank but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  What about your staff? Your tenants? Did you forget to thank some clients during the holidays? Is there a new prospect that you would like to reach out to?Here’s one way to get in on the Valentine’s Day train.  Send your existing clients a card or a small gift with the message “Love doing business with you”.  To your prospects send a small gift with the message “would love to do business with you”.As my mentor Debbie Quintana always says  “Your clients don’t wake up every morning thinking about you.  You have to remind them that you are here”. Love has everything to do with it.  If you love what you do and your clients love what you do for them,  you have found the perfect match.If you would like some help with gift ideas, we would be glad to help.  805-751-6177 or gifts@celebratesweetly.comHappy Valentine’s, now go on and spread some love.Read Original Article

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What makes the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce a good chamber to be part of?

I’m enjoying all the benefits of my chamber.  The jumpstart breakfasts, mixers and learning opportunities make it a little easier to do business. The chamber has such credibility that being a member makes it a little easier to network.

— Merley Greenidge - Celebrate Sweetly