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It seems as though I blinked and the year is almost over.  With this month zipping by so quickly, I hope you find a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle to so something fun.  Here are some interesting dates to keep in mind:December 9           National Pastry DayDecember 12         Poinsettia DayDecember 13         12-13-14Couples are rushing to Vegas to get married on this special sequential dates. (The next sequential date on the calendar is 01-02-34 - January 2, 2034)December 16           National Chocolate Covered Anything DayIndeed,  everyday can be a celebration so if you're like me and you think Life is Sweet,  Go ahead and Celebrate Everything.Merley Read Original Article
Communication Overload There is no argument that technology has changed the way we do business today. It is fair to say that social networking affects every business. Today, customers can readily check Facebook, Yelp, Twitter  and so on for product reviews and make their decisions at lightning speed based on comments from friends, colleagues and even strangers.   Perhaps Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss says it best when she describes her personal communication overload: “Too many channels. Too many messages. Too much noise. Too much guilt… The world sends me tweets, direct messages, texts, chats with me on Skype, sends me Facebook emails (!) and actual mail and also calls me… Responding on all these channels is a full-time job, extremely distracting and exhausting. I feel constantly behind.” I agree with Tina. After spending two hours yesterday afternoon deleting over 5,000 emails and unsubscribing from many publications, I have decided I need a new plan of action for the coming year. Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, says: “The business of people is people.” With the plethora of communication tools available to us today, we forget how important it is to                            actually make the human connection. It’s still okay to pick up a phone and talk to people. You might be surprised at the results. The gift of a kind word goes a long way, so I never hesitate when the opportunity arises to do just that. I recently read a newsletter that was very inspiring. I wanted to let the author know, so I sent him a thank you card. I don’t expect or need to hear back from him, but I thought it was important for him to know that his effort was appreciated. My goal is to reduce the mail in my inbox to less than 100 at any given time. I’m starting with a nightly purge of my inbox. Will let you know how that is going. That being said, we at Celebrate Sweetly are excited to share our newsletter with you. Sign up here  to let us... Read Original Article

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Having required participation from so many dynamic members from a variety of senior service providers makes for a compelling network to join. I expect to participate fully and have my business flourish greatly as a result.

— Burt Williamson - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage